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Start a clothing brand during lockdown

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Lockdown is the perfect time to build your clothing brand. You might be thinking it’s a bit crazy to work on a new business venture during the COVID-19 outbreak, but you’d actually be crazy not to! Here we explain why this is the perfect opportunity to start planning and creating a new clothing brand.

Make the most of time

Think back to when you were rushing around and just wish you had more time in the day. Our lives are so busy that lifelong passions tend to get pushed aside, or even worse never attempted, but thanks to COVID-19 now is your chance. View this lockdown as an opportunity, not a barrier. Now you actually have time to sit down, think things through and make a plan, so when your busy life returns, you’ll be one step ahead of the game!

Remember this ‘lockdown’ is only temporary; businesses and society will go back to normal with consumers happily spending money again. If anything, they may even spend a bit more due to being restricted over the past few months.

Perfect timing for summer

A whole clothing collection isn’t magically created overnight, nor in two weeks. The design stage takes about 2-3 weeks and development and manufacturing takes 10-12 weeks. Collections that are started now will be ready by the end of June - just in time for the height of summer. So, if you want to produce a summer range to sell this year, then you need to start planning now, otherwise you’ll miss the cut off date and will have to wait until next year. Don’t put that dream off any longer! 

How do I get started?

The first stage is thinking about what type of brand you want to be and what type of garments you want to create. This is where Google is your best friend… research, research, research! You might already have an idea of a particular clothing collection, but you also need to consider who is your target market, what are their buying and lifestyle habits and who are your competitors?

This is also a great opportunity to sort out the business side of things by setting up any social accounts, registering your business with HMRC and any other admin related tasks - all the things you’d find yourself doing late at night on a Saturday evening (which should be your downtime!)

Now what?

So you’ve figured out your brand and what type of clothes you want to create, but how do you actually design and make them? This is where we come in. Numbat House of Apparel is a full-service clothing design and manufacturing studio. We not only design clothes, but provide tech packs, help source any trims, fabrics, packaging, labels and then actually make the clothes themselves in our very own factory based in Europe. We can turn your idea into a ready-to-retail product.   

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