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About Numbat House of Apparel      UuK Fashion production

Welcome to Numbat House of Apparel Samples!

We thought it was time for a New Look. We are rebranding and updating our website.

Here at Numbat House we fully support the fashion revolution for protecting our planet and we have chosen to adopt a client-centred approach by removing    Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) all our process.

We`re not about mass production, We are proud to do our part in making this industry a  little   better. We are proud supporters of the British clothing industry. We are an eco-conscious company Numbat Ltd and offer you 3D design, digital patterns, grading, samples production and production runs. Made In-House. 

We are family team at Numbat House,

based in Norfolk, UK, we bring your unique designs or ideas to life with exquisite samples and production runs Made In-House.

We cater for a wide variety of brands in markets such as activewear,  swimwear, equestrian apparel, luxury clothing and performance wear.   

Fashion Design Models
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