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Welcome to Numbat House of Apparel !

We are Numbat team that wholeheartedly support independent Apparel Brands and the slow fashion movement.

Our mission is to provide an efficient and enjoyable service for independent Fashion and Athleisure brands, realising their designs or ideas through the development of samples, and production , made by our specialised team based in Norfolk, UK

No MOQ to suit small brands and start ups.

Our Process

fabric sourcing clothing manufacturer
pattern making clothing manufacturer

Fabric Sourcing

We can source a wide range of fabrics, including sustainable materials, and suggest the best ones for your collection. We send our clients a small selection of fabric swatches so they can choose their preferred materials.

We work closely with European fabric suppliers, including Carvico whose fabrics are made in Italy.

Pattern Making

We have our own pattern making facility and can create digital patterns graded in all sizes.

sports bra sample clothing manufacturer
Image by Angèle Kamp


We create prototypes for each item in the collection, which includes pattern making. Prototypes are unbranded, plain and in any size that is requested - they are used to understand the general fit and measurements of the garment.

We then create pre-production samples which are branded as per the design.


Size/care labels

All the required information to sell the garment; fabric composition, washing/care instructions, where it's made, branding/logo and anything else required.

These labels can either be printed onto the fabric or sewn onto the inside seam.

Swing tags

We can also provide swing tags at an extra charge, including a brand logo and any other additional branding/information.


We offer free recycled polyester bags.

We can also source branded packaging and compostable bags at an extra cost. 

printed logo equestrian clothing manufacturer
Image by Alexander Andrews



We offer printed logos via heat transfer or screen print in small and large artwork styles. The cost depends on the size of the artwork. Available in unlimited colours. 

Digital sublimation print

We can create all over prints which are printed within the fibres of the fabric.


We can create custom embroideries in a wide range of thread colours. The set up for embroidery is free of charge and each embroidery cost depends on the size. 

One of the key ways we support
start-up and established brands is by offering production -No MOQ
of various sizes.

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