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Womenswear Autumn Winter 2022 key trends

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

This year it’s all about re-rooting yourself to nature, collegiate classics and stepping into the digital age of wonders. We’ve rounded up the key trends to expect in Autumn/Winter 2022.

Re-rooted in nature

Key words: Natural, sustainable, organic, artisanal, outdoor culture, handcrafted, city hiker, rustic

The past few years have seen a growing number of people spending more time outdoors; 43% of UK residents said visiting nature and green spaces was important for their wellbeing during the pandemic (WGSN). Re-rooted in nature is all about being connected to the natural world as consumers embrace a more authentic and natural lifestyle. Sustainability, craftsmanship and sense of community.

Image credits: Vogue runway

Key colours

Earthy tones mixing rustic browns with fresh greens and cool blues, balancing earth consciousness and wellness.

Key styles

Inspired by the great outdoors, imperfect perfection is the theme here. Rugged and organic textures and patterns, layered looks mixed with delicate hand-crafted details. Cosy hoodies and soft teddy-like textures, warm knits and base layers.

What consumers will be looking for

  • With the rise in outdoor activities, consumers seek items that reflect and accommodate their new lifestyles

  • Practical layering with removable components such as pouches or sleeves for functional outdoor styling

  • Timeless designs that they can connect to on a practical and visual level

Collegiate classics

Keywords: Versatility, elevated essentials, comfort and quality, new classics, life-enriching, multipurpose, timeless, tasteful

With more and more people returning to work, school and pre-pandemic activities, there is a sense of returning to some sort of ‘normality’. Collegiate classic embodies preppy style, optimism and adaptability.

Image credits: Vogue runway

Key colours

A mix of neutrals and bright accent colours, combining a traditional and uplifting spirit. Colour-blocking contrasts and nostalgic mid-tones.

Key styles

Convenience, multipurpose use and leisurewear with essential turtlenecks, varsity style sweatshirts, track pants and staple loose trench coats and blazers.

What consumers will be looking for

  • Comfort first! People are not willing to give up loungewear completely and are now finding ways to integrate leisurewear into their everyday life and even formal setting. Introducing hybrid work-leisure wear

  • Multipurpose and multifunctional items that consumers can wear at work as well as after work

  • Less is more as people opt for classic, timeless styles that will stand the test of time

Digital age of wonders

Keywords: immersive, metaverse, fantasy, extended reality, 3D, innovation, metallic, functional, performance

People have been shifting their lives to online means more and more, especially during the pandemic. This online expansion has resulted in inspired aesthetics in both the digital and real worlds, combining the future and fantasy. Design is a crucial element with bold colours and opulent materials to create an experimental expression of personal identity.

Image credits: Vogue runway

Key colours

Emotional and futuristic feel with anime-inspired soft and romantic tones with darker virtual hues. Pairing fuchsia and lavender that have a saturated neon look with blacks and dark blues.

Key styles

Second skin fitness wear and lingerie with cutaway elements and paneling details. Leggings and bodysuits worn as base layers, ergonomically hugging the body. Sleek bodycon dresses with ruching and draping styles, elevating the everyday look with lustrous sheens and metallic finishes.

What consumers will be looking for

  • Bold, punchy colours with a fun futuristic statement twist

  • Expressive prints, embellishments and hues as consumers embrace newness and innovation

  • 3D, virtual interactions to create futuristic aesthetics

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